Are Aliens Spying On NASA With A UFO In The Sky? | NASA’s Unexplained Files

A mysterious circle of light over Houston has led some people to explore the theory of a UFO circling the skies – and even spying on NASA.

There is an interesting design of aircraft, but they rarely talk about it, because this thing is secret. The topic of pulsed plasma thrusters has been developed since the early 60s (see PPT – Pulsed plasma thruster) – they are usually designed for spacecraft. But we will talk about a little-known design – these are plasma propulsion panels for aircraft, where the same Pulsed plasma thruster, but reduced to the size of a pencil and stacked in the form of cells in the panel. The design resembles a conventional plasma TV screen, where there are also discharge cells that activate the glow of pixels on the screen. And plasma propulsion panels have long discharge cells, the arrester has a railgun architecture (just rail contacts or coaxial), and the ionized discharge air is accelerated there by the Lorentz force to enormous speeds – a kind of ramjet engine is obtained. Just imagine! – tens of thousands of small ramjet engines assembled in a panel and firing plasma synchronously with a huge frequency (hundreds of kilohertz). Thus, plasma propulsion panels create lift by pulsed emission of plasma jets from railgun cells. There are tens of thousands of cells in the panel, they shoot at a frequency of hundreds of kilohertz, a huge pulse is obtained, and the plasma swirls the air into toroidal rings – the aircraft is held on this air cushion. Horizontal acceleration is created by the same plasma panels on the sides of the device (they glow, from the side they look like “portholes”). Such devices like “triangle” or “disk” have been observed for a long time, they are mistaken for alien ones – but these are terrestrial devices. They are classified and used for espionage and secret actions. Pulsed electromagnetic technology generates microwave radiation, therefore it is harmful to health.

They rarely fly – only military missions. Therefore, they are not suitable for a citizen. This maintained the secrecy. Now they are already declassifying – many people know about this secret technique. When declassified, they will be used for cargo airships. But there is a danger that they are now going to be adapted to deliver small nuclear charges to decision-making centers – such means of delivery are not specified anywhere, are not conventional. This lowers the threshold for starting a war. It would be necessary to declassify them as soon as possible. That’s why I’m writing about it.

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