Alien Lore for 1 Hour – Gods and Creators, Origin of Life, Xenomorph History, Alien Covenant Ending

Alien Xenomorph Lore for 1 hour. Time stamps below.

00:00 Intro
00:01:10 What is the Aliens real name?
00:04:21 Creators of Life (Advent)
00:07:53 What is the Black Goo Substance?
00:11:57 Why did David 8 betray the humans?
00:16:43 Deleted Scene: Neomorph vs Protomorph
00:18:53 Ozymandias – Look on my works, Ye mighty, and Despair.
00:22:17 The most powerful Synthetic created
00:26:30 How do Aliens create a hive?
00:29:57 What is the Mutated Chestburster?
00:35:17 When the Space Jockey met the humans
00:43:23 What are the Reapers?
00:46:51 What is Alien Royal Jelly?
00:51:48 Creatures you never saw in Alien Covenant
00:53:50 Life Cycle Comparison – Neomorph vs Protomorph
00:56:41 Xenomorph (Protomorph) vs Neomorph
00:58:52 What happened to the Deacon Alien from Prometheus?

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