A Physicist Has Explained Why We’ve Never Seen Anyone in Space

You also have to take the speed of light into consideration. What I mean is that light travels fast but not fast enough since the universe is so big and expansive, it takes light a lot longer to travel since the universe is so big and the speed of light is the fastest speed we know to this day.

For example, looking at a star system 23 to 200,000 lightyears or more is like looking back in time to when that planet might’ve first created suitable life forms to live or a habitable place where living beings can flourish. Also the stars that we see today are not what the stars look like in present time in that part of space since the light we look up at is the light that has traveled millions of years from that part of space to be observed.

Its like a time machine but without technology. There could be very intelligent living beings and their interstellar civilizations roaming around in their galaxy but we wouldn’t know since the light of the living beings there is still traveling millions and billions of years to finally be seen by other living beings such as us and this is why we currently cannot observe any living beings in the universe.

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