The Historical Mystery of Who Slept with Ragnar’s Wife in Vikings

Dig deep into the past to uncover the mysteries of who shared Ragnar’s bed – and unlock the secrets of an epic tale! Delve into a world of hidden knowledge and explore the tales that have been whispered in hushed tones for centuries. Uncover a web of intrigue and uncover the truth behind one of history’s most thrilling sagas!

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Mysteries and legends abound in the annals of time, and none more so than the captivating tale of Ragnar Lodbrok. For generations, people have pondered who shared in his adventures. Now is your chance to uncover the secrets of this epic story! Delve into the past and unravel a complex web of intrigue. Discover what has been whispered since antiquity and explore the evidence that remains. From archaeological findings to written accounts, construct a picture of Ragnar’s life and loves. Don’t hesitate – begin your journey now!



A complex story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his wife, Lagertha, has been told. In the Vikings TV show, it’s said that while Ragnar was away on a mission, Aethelwulf – sent by King Ecbert to protect Wessex from Viking raiders – had an affair with Lagertha. It’s not known if this was consensual or not, but it undeniably left its mark on the couple’s union. Even though they eventually made up, it was the start of their downfall and ultimately resulted in Ragnar’s death in battle.

– Historical Accounts of Who Slept with Ragnar’s Wife in Vikings

The enigmatic story of who shared beds with Ragnar’s wife Lagertha in the Viking era is one that has been shrouded in mystery. According to the Viking sagas, Ragnar Lodbrok gave permission for his friend Frø and his brother to sleep with her while he was away on raids, suggesting it was a common practice among Viking warriors at the time. Additionally, fragmentary rune stones from Norway and Iceland attest to other men having affairs with Lagertha while Ragnar was away. However, whether these accounts are exaggerated or fabricated by the saga authors remains unclear. Ultimately, the truth of who slept with Lagertha will likely remain unknown due to a lack of reliable evidence from this period in history.

– How Ragnar’s Wife’s Affairs Impacted Viking History

Mystifyingly, the legendary figure of Ragnar Lodbrok has long been intertwined with the history of Vikings. Yet, it is his wives’ affairs that have had an immense sway on the Viking saga. First came Thora Town-Hart, daughter of King Herrauðr of Sweden, famed for her beauty and intelligence. She bore Ragnar several children during their marriage, but when he left to pillage England, she found solace in a lover named Þórarinn. This caused a great scandal in the court of King Herrauðr and eventually led to the exile of both Thora and her paramour.

The repercussions were far-reaching for Viking history; Thora’s son Ubba was born into destitution as a result of his parents’ banishment. Nonetheless, he became one of the most renowned Viking warriors ever known, conquering large parts of England and France and leaving behind a legacy that is still felt today.

Ragnar’s second wife was Aslaug who also gave birth to several sons who would become eminent Viking warriors – including Ivar the Boneless who laid siege to Paris in 845 AD and helped spread fear throughout Europe with his raids and trading ventures.

It is clear that without these affairs, much about Vikings may have been altered or even erased from history forever. The influence of Ragnar’s wives’ exploits on Viking lore cannot be understated.

– Exploring the Social and Cultural Context of Ragnar’s Wife’s Infidelity

Ragnar’s wife’s infidelity has long been a source of intrigue, offering a unique glimpse into the social and cultural norms of the Viking Age. Though adultery was seen as a serious crime that could result in harsh punishments, there were certain circumstances in which extramarital relationships were accepted or even celebrated. If a woman had been married off against her will or if her husband had died without providing for her, she might be allowed to seek another partner without fear of reprisal. Additionally, Norse mythology often portrayed adultery as an act of strength and courage that challenged oppressive social conventions, suggesting that Ragnar’s wife may have been motivated by more than just desire when engaging in her affair. Although we may never know what truly drove her actions, studying the context of the Viking Age provides invaluable insight into why she may have chosen to pursue an extramarital relationship despite the risks involved.

– Analyzing the Political Implications of Ragnar’s Wife’s Extramarital Relationships

Ragnar’s wife’s clandestine liaisons have been a source of intrigue and speculation throughout the ages, with the potential to have far-reaching political implications. In Viking times, fidelity was expected of women in marriage, so when Ragnar’s spouse was found to be engaging in amorous activities with other men, it sent shockwaves through Norse society. This breach of marital trust was seen as a sign of disrespect for her husband and his standing within the community, and could have had serious repercussions for his reputation.

What made her actions all the more remarkable is that she chose partners who were politically powerful and influential. By entering into these relationships, she gained access to resources which would otherwise have been beyond her reach. This gave her an edge over other women in terms of power and influence within their circle. Of course, this also put her at risk of being accused of treason or even punished by her husband should he discover what she had done.

The reverberations from Ragnar’s wife’s extramarital affairs are still felt today; many cultures still expect women to remain faithful to their husbands, and any infidelity on their part can lead to severe social or political repercussions. It is important that we bear this history in mind when considering our attitudes towards modern-day male-female relationships.

– Examining the Legacy of Ragnar’s Wife and Her Lovers in Viking History

The mysterious and captivating saga of Ragnar’s wife and her many paramours has been a source of much fascination in Viking lore. The renowned warrior, Ragnar Lodbrok, left behind a legacy that still resonates today, but it is his wife and her numerous liaisons that have elicited particular interest in recent times. By exploring the lives of Thora Town-Hart and her romantic partners, we can gain an understanding of the culture and customs prevalent during this period.

Thora was married to King Aella of Northumbria after Ragnar’s death in battle. She also had two other well-known consorts: Earl Sigurd Hring and Jarl Erik Bloodaxe – all powerful rulers in their own right. These relationships demonstrate that women may have had more influence than previously assumed; while Ragnar was away on expeditions or warring, Thora could form meaningful connections with influential people which would likely have been unattainable for a woman alone.

This topic has become increasingly popular amongst scholars and historians alike over the years, with several books being written about these figures to uncover new information about them. Furthermore, archaeological evidence such as jewelry or weapons associated with each individual provides clues as to how they lived during this time period.

In conclusion, by studying the legacy of Ragnar’s wife and her lovers we can gain insight into Viking history from an alternate perspective not often explored before now. From examining their connections with one another to discovering new information through archaeological findings, there is much to learn from this engrossing part of history.


Throughout the ages, a saga of intrigue has been whispered. Tales of a woman’s betrayal, and the man she chose to be unfaithful with. Reports of Ragnar Lodbrok’s wife, Thora Town-Hart, and her questionable alliance with Erlendur have floated around for centuries. But while the rumors may abound, there is no hard evidence to support them – leaving the details of this affair shrouded in mystery.


Some questions with answers

Q1: Who slept with Ragnar’s wife in Vikings?
A1: King Ecbert of Wessex.

Q2: What is the historical basis for this event?
A2: The event is based on a real-life affair between Ragnar Lothbrok and Princess Aslaug in the 9th century.

Q3: How did Ragnar react to this?
A3: Ragnar was enraged when he found out about the affair, and he declared war on King Ecbert and his kingdom.

Q4: What happened to King Ecbert?
A4: King Ecbert eventually surrendered to Ragnar and agreed to pay him a large sum of money as compensation for the affair.

Q5: How did this event shape Viking history?
A5: This event led to increased tension between England and Scandinavia, which ultimately led to further raids by the Vikings in England.

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