History of Loki’s Wife: Who is the Goddess Married to the Norse Trickster?

Unearth the secrets of a mysterious relationship! Unearth the clandestine tale of two legendary figures intertwined in a remarkable bond! Delve into the past and uncover the compelling history of an enigmatic union! Explore the captivating story of Loki and his significant other, and uncover their extraordinary connection!

Throughout the ages, a mysterious bond between two legendary figures has been intertwined in history and captivated audiences for centuries. But what was the true nature of this enigmatic union? How did it come to be? To find out, we must look back into the past.

From Norse mythology to modern interpretations, Loki and his companion have had a unique relationship that has seen many changes. In Norse mythology, Loki was portrayed as a trickster god who often caused trouble for the gods and goddesses of Asgard. Despite this, he was also known to be deeply devoted to his significant other.

In modern-day interpretations, Loki’s relationship with his companion is even more complex — while still maintaining its trickster roots, it now serves as a symbol of strength and resilience in love. It is a reminder that devotion can conquer all obstacles! By delving into its secrets, we can gain a deeper understanding of how these two legendary figures managed to create an unbreakable bond despite all odds.



Mysteriously shrouded in tradition and lore, Loki has been a part of Norse mythology for ages. His mischievous nature is well-known, as are the tales of his wife Sigyn. It is said that prior to her union with Loki, Sigyn had been wed to Odin, leader of the gods. Her decision to forsake Odin for Loki caused a deep rift between them, leading to Loki’s banishment from Asgard. But Sigyn remained devoted to her husband even in exile and followed him into the underworld when he was taken captive by the giant serpent Jormungand. She stayed close by his side during his imprisonment, providing solace whenever she could.

– Loki’s Historical Marriage Partners

Amidst the annals of time, Loki has been renowned for his chaotic and mischievous nature. This Norse deity’s past is littered with a multitude of marriages, each one more convoluted than the last. It is said that Loki was first wed to Angrboda, a giantess from whom he spawned three children: Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel. An affair with the goddess Sigyn bore two sons – Narfi and Vali – before he took his next bride. Skadi was her name; a giantess who became a goddess upon marrying Loki. Idunn, a goddess of apples of youth, was also deemed worthy enough to be his wife; as was Glut, a jötunn or giant. However, none of these unions were blessed with joy or contentment; as Loki’s presence in any relationship seemed to bring nothing but strife and discord.

– Ancient Norse Mythology and the Wives of Loki

The tales of old Norse mythology are rife with gods and goddesses, heroes and villains. One of the most renowned characters is Loki, the trickster god who embodied mischief, deception, and wile. Yet much less is known about his wives; their stories just as intriguing as those of Loki himself.

Angrboda was Loki’s first wife, a giantess from Jotunheimr who gave birth to three children: Fenrir the wolf, Hel the goddess of death and the underworld, and Jormungandr the sea serpent. Following her was Sigyn, with whom he fathered two sons: Narfi and Vali. She remained steadfast in her loyalty to him even when he was reprimanded by Odin for his misdeeds.

Glut (or Glet) was next in line as Loki’s third wife; she had two sons: Eitri and Nari. She was so beautiful that all other gods were envious – except for Odin himself. Idunn (or Iduna) came lastly as his fourth wife; she gave birth to two daughters: Elli and Gerd. Idunn herself was a goddess responsible for keeping apples that granted eternal youth to any gods who ate them.

The wives of Loki provide an insight into how Norse mythology viewed relationships between men and women in ancient times – they were strong characters not defined by their connection to him or any other god or goddess; rather they were respected individuals with distinct personalities playing important roles in Norse mythology.

– The Role of Loki’s Wives in Norse Mythology

The mysteriousness of Loki’s partners in Norse mythology is captivating. In the olden tales, he was joined to two goddesses: Sigyn and Angrboda. Sigyn, the personification of trustworthiness and constancy, was renowned for her part in preserving her husband from Odin’s penalty. After Loki was found blameworthy of killing Baldr, Odin had him bound to three rocks with a venomous snake dropping its toxin on his face. To shield him from this torment, Sigyn caught the venom in a bowl and held it over his head until it eventually overflowed. This demonstration of loyalty earned her an esteemed spot as one of Loki’s devoted wives in Norse mythology.

Angrboda’s role in Norse mythology is less clear than that of Sigyn’s. It is thought she could have been either an associate or foe of Odin due to her association with Loki and their monstrous offspring. Nevertheless, she still assumed an important job in Norse mythology as she gave birth to powerful creatures that would have major parts in Ragnarok—the end of the world according to Norse conviction—such as Fenrir the wolf who would swallow Odin whole during Ragnarok.

At last, both Sigyn and Angrboda are essential figures in Norse mythology because of their jobs as Loki’s spouses and mothers of some of his increasingly effective youngsters. Together they helped shape numerous angles concerning Norse culture including its folklore, convictions, and even its destiny at Ragnarok itself!

– The Evolution of Loki’s Spouses Through History

Throughout the ages, the romantic liaisons of Loki have undergone a dramatic transformation. In Norse mythology, he is often portrayed as a prankster deity who delights in chaos and deception. His relationships with his wives were no exception – beginning with a scandalous union to a giantess called Angrboda. This marriage was an example of Loki’s unpredictable nature; while it was considered outrageous by other gods, it resulted in three offspring: Fenrir the wolf, Hel the goddess of death and Jormungandr the sea serpent.

Following Angrboda’s death, Loki then wed Sigyn, who remained devoted to him despite his misdeeds. The two had two sons together: Narfi and Vali. Sigyn is often depicted as being loyal to her husband and willing to go to extreme lengths for him – even when it put her own safety in jeopardy. She stayed by Loki’s side while he was bound beneath Yggdrasil due to causing Baldur’s demise.

Loki also had several other brief romances throughout history; one such affair being with Glut (or Gullveig), whom some believe may have been an incarnation of Freyja or another goddess. Glut is said to have been burned three times by Odin and his brothers prior to her eventual death – making her one of the few mortal women that Loki ever loved.

In later myths, we observe that Loki has adopted a more monogamous lifestyle with Sif (the wife of Thor). While this relationship does not come without its challenges (given their contentious past), it does demonstrate that Loki has developed from his earlier chaotic ways into something more dependable – at least when it comes to romance!

To sum up, it is evident that Loki’s relationships with his spouses have greatly changed over time – from tumultuous unions with giants to more secure partnerships with gods and mortals alike. Through these changes, we can see how much growth has taken place in the character of this legendary Norse figure over the years!

– How Loki’s Marriages Have Influenced His Character Development

The mysterious and mischievous trickster god of Norse mythology, Loki, has a storied history with the fairer sex. His first marriage to the giantess Angrboda marked his transformation from benevolent deity to something more sinister. This union brought forth three monstrous offspring – Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hela. The fear these creatures caused among the other gods only increased when it was discovered that Loki had fathered Odin’s eight-legged steed Sleipnir as well.

Loki then moved on to marry Sigyn, with whom he had two sons. This union gave him a sense of stability which allowed him to focus on his mischief-making ways without worrying about family life. But even this was not enough to prevent him from eventually betraying Sigyn and forsaking her during Ragnarok.

The god of chaos also had several affairs over the years with female giants and goddesses, including Narfi and Nari (the sons of Laufey), Skadi (the daughter of Thiazi) and Sleipnir (the son of Svadilfari). These unions demonstrate how far removed from traditional morality Loki has become; not only is he unfaithful but he also has no qualms about fathering children with monsters or giants who are considered enemies by the other gods.

Loki’s relationships with women have been integral in shaping him into one of Norse mythology’s most complex figures – one whose story will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come. From his first wife Angrboda to his many affairs with female giants and goddesses, these unions have pushed him further down a path of chaos and destruction that ultimately leads to Ragnarok – the end of all things in Norse mythology.


The mischievous deity of Norse mythology, Loki, is said to have had a wife – a giantess by the name of Angrboda. Together, they are alleged to have birthed three offspring: Fenrir, the wolf; Jörmungandr, the serpent; and Hel. Rumors also suggest that there may have been a fourth child born of this union, yet no proof has been found to substantiate such claims.


Some questions with answers

Q1: Who is the wife of Loki?
A1: According to Norse mythology, the wife of Loki is Sigyn.

Q2: How did they meet?
A2: In Norse mythology, it is said that Loki and Sigyn first met when he was in exile from Asgard.

Q3: What happened after they met?
A3: After meeting, the two fell in love and married. They had two sons, Narfi and Vali.

Q4: What is Sigyn’s role in history?

A4: Sigyn is remembered in history as a loyal wife who stayed by her husband’s side during his imprisonment for his crimes against the gods. She was also known for her compassion and kindness towards others.

Q5: What happened to their marriage?

A5: Despite her loyalty, their marriage ended when Loki was killed by Odin during Ragnarok. Sigyn was left alone with their sons to mourn her husband’s death.

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