Exploring the History of Ragnar and His Wives

Explore the mystique of Ragnar and his many wives! For centuries, the exact amount of partners he had has been a secret. But now, with new research and archaeological evidence, the truth can finally be revealed. Get to know the renowned Viking figure and his multiple spouses – an account that has been told for ages. Trace back his life to its origin and uncover what is hidden in this ancient puzzle. Dig into how many women Ragnar was married to and find out about the culture and rituals of this remarkable era in history.


The renowned Viking hero, Ragnar Lothbrok, is said to have been married multiple times. It’s reported that his first wife was Thora Borgarhjort, birthing two sons – Ivar the Boneless and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. His second marriage produced four boys – Bjorn Ironside, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ubbe – with Aslaug as his spouse. And then there was Lagertha, who gave birth to one son: Fridleif Ragnarsson. Some versions of the legend suggest a fourth wife named Kraka; however this is not generally accepted by historians.

– Exploring the History of Ragnar’s Wives

The enigmatic figure of Ragnar Lothbrok, the renowned Viking ruler, has long been associated with his many wives. An exploration of the lives of these women offers an intriguing view into life during the Viking Age.

First was Thora Town-Hart, from a wealthy family believed to be related to King Horik I. She bore two sons with Ragnar and perished in childbirth. Her boys later became prominent rulers in Denmark and Norway.

Next came Aslaug, daughter of Sigurd, a celebrated hero from Norse mythology. With Ragnar she had four sons, including Ivar the Boneless who would become one of the most feared Vikings ever known.

Lagertha followed after Aslaug’s divorce from Ragnar. Accounts differ on how they met, but it is assumed they were both warriors and fought side by side before marrying. Lagertha had two sons with Ragnar before leaving him due to his unfaithfulness.

Ragnar’s fourth wife was Thora Borgarhjort whom he married after divorcing Lagertha. Little is known about her other than that she too was from a wealthy family and gave birth to two daughters with Ragnar before dying during childbirth.

A look at the history of Ragnar’s wives provides an interesting glimpse into life during the Viking Age – when men held all power – and demonstrates how powerful women could be even then.

– Examining the Historical Evidence of Ragnar’s Marriages

Exploring the matrimonial history of Ragnar is an intriguing task. Much of what we know about his multiple spouses is gleaned from Norse sagas, which are a source of much controversy among historians. Even though these narratives give us a valuable window into Viking culture, it must be kept in mind that they were written centuries after Ragnar’s lifetime and thus may not be entirely trustworthy.

To get a clearer image of Ragnar’s marital past, it is essential to look at other sources such as archaeological artifacts and accounts from the same era. These discoveries can provide clues about how Vikings lived during the time of Ragnar’s reign, including information on marriage customs. Moreover, contemporary records that were written by people who lived during this period can offer insight into how marriage was seen and practiced by Vikings at that time.

Moreover, when analyzing Ragnar’s marital background, it is important to consider the social context in which he existed. During the 8th century, polygyny (or having multiple wives) was customary among Viking rulers and warriors. This practice served both political and economic aims – having more wives could expand one’s influence and riches. Hence, it is likely that Ragnar had several wives for both utilitarian reasons as well as personal ones.

In conclusion, there is much we can learn from surveying the historical evidence regarding Ragnar’s marriages. By studying archaeological finds, contemporary accounts, and Norse sagas together with an awareness of social context, we can gain a better understanding of how Viking marriage practices worked during this period – including those of one of its most renowned figures: Ragnar Lothbrok himself.

– Uncovering the Number of Wives Ragnar Had Throughout History

Mystifying the life of Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary figure in Viking history, is an enduring question that has been passed down through centuries of oral tradition: how many wives did he have? This article seeks to uncover the truth by examining the evidence from history.

The Icelandic saga The Tale of Ragnar Lodbrok, believed to have been written in the 12th century, mentions two of his wives: Thora and Aslaug. Thora was a daughter of King Herraud, while Aslaug was a Valkyrie whom Ragnar married after Thora’s death.

Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum (The History of the Danes), composed around 1200 AD, references three more wives for Ragnar: Lagertha, Kraka, and Thyrwi. Lagertha was a shieldmaiden who fought alongside her husband in battle; Kraka was an unnamed daughter of King Siward; and Thyrwi was a daughter of King Eystein Glumra.

However, some later sources suggest that Ragnar may have had even more than these five spouses. According to certain versions of The Tale of Ragnar Lodbrok, he could have had up to eight wives – though this cannot be confirmed due to lack of evidence.

In conclusion, it appears that throughout his lifetime, Ragnar Lodbrok had at least five known wives: Thora (daughter of King Herraud), Aslaug (a Valkyrie), Lagertha (a shieldmaiden), Kraka (daughter of King Siward), and Thyrwi (daughter of King Eystein Glumra). Nevertheless, it is possible that he may have had more than these five – although this remains uncertain due to insufficient proof.

– Investigating How Many Times Ragnar Was Married in History

In recent years, the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok has become increasingly renowned in both television and literature. But how much of the legendary Viking warrior’s life is based on actual history? One area of interest is the amount of times Ragnar was married during his lifetime. Examining this query can offer an intriguing look into the past and aid us in comprehending the individual behind the myth.

To start our exploration, it is essential to consider what records are available from that time period. Unfortunately, there are not many written documents from this era that can be utilized as dependable sources for historical facts. Nonetheless, some archaeological evidence implies that Ragnar had three spouses in his lifetime. These include Thora Borgarhjort, Aslaug Sigurdsdatter, and Lagertha Lodbrok.

The first two were pointed out by Saxo Grammaticus in his Gesta Danorum (The Deeds of the Danes), a 12th-century work which details events in Denmark and Sweden during the Viking Age. The third wife, Lagertha Lodbrok, is mentioned by Snorri Sturluson in his Prose Edda (also known as Gylfaginning). This 13th-century work contains a compilation of Norse myths and legends.

It should also be noted that other sources suggest Ragnar may have had extra wives or concubines during his lifetime. For instance, some sagas refer to a woman named Kraka who was supposedly one of his wives; however her existence cannot be confirmed through archaeological evidence or any other reliable source.

All things considered, investigating how many times Ragnar was married in history necessitates us to examine both written records and archaeological evidence from this period. While we can deduce with some assurance that he had at least three spouses during his lifetime, other assertions about additional marriages remain unverified due to lack of trustworthy sources.

– Analyzing the Cultural Significance of Ragnar’s Multiple Wives in History

A renowned Viking warrior and monarch, Ragnar Lodbrok is remembered for his numerous spouses in history. This custom was not unheard of among the Viking upper class and had its own cultural relevance. By analyzing historical records and archaeological evidence, we can have a better understanding of the part of Ragnar’s several wives in Viking tradition.

Marriage was an essential part of Viking culture as it provided social status and economic safety for both parties. Having multiple spouses enabled Ragnar to broaden his sway into other clans and form connections with them. Furthermore, having many wives symbolized riches and prestige within Norse society. His multiple marriages also made possible for him to have more children, which enlarged his power base.

Historical documents suggest that Ragnar’s several wives were treated differently than other women in Viking society. For instance, they were granted more liberty to make decisions about their lives than ordinary women and were allowed to inherit possessions from their husbands upon death. This gave them greater financial autonomy than most women at the time.

Archaeological evidence also reveals that Ragnar’s numerous wives had a considerable effect on the material culture of the period. Notably, they were accountable for introducing new styles of clothing and jewelry that became fashionable among the upper classes of Viking culture. These items included brooches, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, and even garments made from silk or fine wool fabrics imported from abroad.

To sum up, Ragnar’s multiple wives played an important role in Viking culture by providing him with social status and economic security as well as introducing new styles of dress and jewelry that became popular among the elite classes of society at the time. Through examining historical documents and archaeological evidence we can gain insight into this unique aspect of Norse culture during this period in history.


Reports of the legendary Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok, suggest a life of marital complexity. In documented history, he was married to three women – Lagertha, Thora Town-Hart and Aslaug – however, some sources have hinted at the possibility of additional spouses during his lifetime.

Some questions with answers

Q1. How many wives did Ragnar?
A1. According to historical records, Ragnar had three wives.

Q2. Who were his wives?
A2. Ragnar’s wives were Lagertha, Thora Town-Hart and Aslaug.

Q3. What is known about his first wife?
A3. Ragnar’s first wife was Lagertha, a legendary shieldmaiden and fierce warrior.

Q4. What happened to his second wife?
A4. Ragnar’s second wife, Thora Town-Hart, was killed by Jarl Borg who wanted revenge against Ragnar for killing his son.

Q5. Where can I find more information about Ragnar and his wives?
A5. You can find more information about Ragnar and his wives in history books or online resources that focus on Norse mythology and Viking history.

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