Evidence That Points To Egyptian Pharaohs Being Aliens?

Scientists have discovered some compelling evidence that suggests ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s were aliens. In today’s educational video we’re going to look into the claims to see if Aliens really helped build the pyramids or not.

For some time now I’ve been suspecting that Human history isn’t exactly what we’ve come to believe. While mostly consistent, some of these ancient discoveries just don’t seem to line up with current theories. I’m not going to say a believe aliens had anything to do with building the pyramids, for example, but I can’t discount the possibility of past alien visitations that may have had some influence. There is also the theories of advanced ancient Earth natives which I could imagine but it would require some pretty incredible factors of evolution as we know it. The kicker I think is that finding answers in archeology is extremely difficult because time and decay tends to have its effects on the physical world.Show less

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