Ancient Aliens: Egyptian Magic Travels Through Space

The walls within the Temple of Hathor, depict pharaohs traveling through the stars on a magic bubble. Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe this could mean space travel, in this clip from Season 18, “Alien Air Force.”

The so called “bubble” , is the RainBow body that is actually still practiced in Mahayana Buddhism . With around 160000 documented cases in Tibet , this seems to be one of the most uniques and difficult way to leave your body and the circle of death and rebirth . The practitioners body , sometimes quickly but often over a course of 7-12 days , dissolves back into light . At the end , the masters body shrinks to the size of a loaf of bread , or sometimes just some bones and hair is left behind . Everything else “ascends” to the 5th dimension into a halo of light, and on the sky a rainbow will be visible .

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