A History of Who Slept with Ragnar’s Wife in Vikings

Unearth the enigma of ages past and discover who shared a bed with Ragnar’s better half in the world of Vikings! Unveil the secrets that have been shrouded in time and solve this perplexing puzzle! Who could it be? What is the truth? The answer lies somewhere in the depths of history – can you find it?

Who shared a bed with Ragnar’s better half? It is an enigma that has perplexed historians, archaeologists, and amateur enthusiasts alike for centuries. Despite the passage of time, the answer remains shrouded in mystery – but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying!

In our search for clues, we can look to archaeological evidence from sites associated with the Vikings and other ancient cultures in Northern Europe. We can also analyze written records from this era to find out more about who was sleeping in Ragnar’s bed. Artwork from this period may also provide us with insight into this conundrum. Examining Viking burial practices and grave goods could potentially reveal even more information about the mysterious figure.

The truth may never be known for sure – but that shouldn’t stop us from searching! With enough investigation, it is possible to uncover some hints as to who shared a bed with Ragnar’s better half in times long gone by. So why not join us on our journey through history? Who knows what secrets you might uncover along the way?



A saga of historical proportions, this show follows the tumultuous journey of a Viking warrior and farmer. Achieving notoriety and renown, he ascends to become king of the tribes. As his rise continues, so does a rivalry between him and Earl Haraldson, born from a treacherous act that occurred during one of Ragnar’s raids. How will this all play out? Watch and find out!

– Historical Accounts of Who Slept with Ragnar’s Wife in Vikings

Much conjecture and speculation has surrounded the mysterious figure who shared a bed with Ragnar’s wife in the popular television series Vikings. While there is no definitive answer to this query, numerous accounts from throughout history offer clues as to who might have been involved.

The Norse sagas describe Ragnar’s wife as Thora, with whom he had two sons, Ivar and Bjorn Ironside. After his death, it is believed that she remarried a man named Sigurd Hring; some accounts suggest he was the one who slumbered with Thora, while others hint at someone else entirely.

In Egil’s Saga, a visitor called Vigfus was invited to sleep with Thora but instead found himself in bed with a servant girl when morning came. This narrative implies that someone else may have taken advantage of the situation and tricked Vigfus into sleeping with them instead.

Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum tells of Asmund who seduced Thora after Ragnar’s passing away. He is said to have used magical charms to bewitch her and make her fall for him.

Ultimately, there are multiple possible candidates for the individual who slept with Ragnar’s wife in Vikings yet none can be confirmed without additional evidence or research. Nevertheless, these historical tales provide intriguing insight into how this mystery might have unfolded centuries ago.

– Exploring the Legacy of Ragnar’s Wife and Her Infidelity in Viking History

For centuries, the saga of Ragnar’s wife, Aslaug, has been a source of fascination and perplexity. It is generally accepted that she was a daughter of Sigurd and Brynhildr, who was taken away by Ragnar Lothbrok, the legendary Viking leader. This caused great distress among Ragnar’s first wife Thora, and ultimately led to Aslaug being unfaithful to him.

This event has become part of Viking folklore and has been debated by historians for years. The most popular version is that Aslaug had an affair with King Harald I of Norway while Ragnar was away on a journey. This caused much uproar among the Vikings and further solidified their reputation as fierce warriors who were intolerant of adultery in their ranks.

The legacy of this incident continues to reverberate through Viking culture today. It serves as a reminder to all Vikings about the importance of loyalty within relationships and how quickly things can go awry if trust is broken. Furthermore, it shows us how powerful women were in Viking society and how they could influence events even when their husbands were away from home.

– Investigating the Impact of Ragnar’s Wife’s Infidelity on Viking Society

The complexity and intricacy of the Norse civilization has long been a source of fascination for historians, and one particular event that has captured their attention is the scandalous affair of Ragnar’s wife, Thora. This occurrence caused an uproar in the Viking community, potentially having far-reaching effects on both social and political aspects of the culture. To unearth more information about this incident, scholars have delved into various sources from the period such as sagas, law codes, and archaeological evidence.

It appears that this event led to stricter laws concerning adultery and a heightened emphasis on marital fidelity among Vikings. Poems written by skalds during this time provide further proof of this shift in attitude towards relationships. All in all, it seems that Ragnar’s wife’s infidelity had a lasting impact on Viking society, with implications that are still being studied today to gain further understanding of how such events could shape social norms and values at the time.

– Examining the Cultural Significance of Ragnar’s Wife’s Affair in Viking History

Ragnar’s wife’s affair has been a subject of much scrutiny, though it is not recorded in the annals of history. Norse sagas allude to its significance, however, and point to it as a sign of societal change. At that time, women were gaining more freedom and autonomy than ever before, and Ragnar’s wife was seen as an emblem of this newfound independence. Her relationship with Ragnar symbolized a challenge to traditional gender roles and patriarchal authority; it showed that even powerful men were vulnerable to romantic entanglements outside marriage. This affair serves as a reminder of how far we have come in terms of gender equality and respect for personal liberty.

– Analyzing the Consequences of Ragnar’s Wife Sleeping with Another Man in Viking History

The repercussions of Ragnar’s wife’s unfaithfulness were dire. Such an act was a betrayal of the marriage vows and could potentially bring about death for both parties involved. The woman was usually blamed for the adultery and would suffer punishment or be banished from her husband’s home. In some cases, she might even face execution. The man who committed the adulterous deed was often publicly shamed and sometimes physically punished, such as receiving lashes or having his hair cut off. Depending on its severity, he may have been exiled from his village or even put to death. These stringent measures were implemented to discourage further infidelity and safeguard the sanctity of matrimony in Viking society.


Records from centuries past have suggested an affair between Ragnar Lodbrok and Thora Borgarhjort, which is believed to be the cause of his demise. Rumor has it that Þórarinn was the other party involved, though no one can truly know what happened during that time in the late 800s.


Some questions with answers

Q1: Who slept with Ragnar’s wife in Vikings?
A1: King Ecbert of Wessex.

Q2: When did this happen?
A2: This happened in Season 3 of the show Vikings.

Q3: What was the outcome of this event?
A3: This event led to a great deal of animosity between Ragnar and King Ecbert, and ultimately sparked a war between them.

Q4: How does this fit into Viking history?

A4: The events depicted in the show were inspired by real historical figures and events from the Viking Age. King Ecbert’s betrayal of Ragnar is one example of how the show draws on historical sources for its narrative.

Q5: Are there any other examples of historically-inspired storylines in Vikings?

A5: Yes, many other storylines are based on actual events from Viking history. For example, Ragnar’s raid on Paris is based on an 845 AD attack by Norse warriors.

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